Request for Proposal – Research and Capacity Assessment Consultant for Youth Civic Action Academy

December 10, 2021
Preferred Start Date:
Amman, Jordan
Contract Type:
Request for Proposal
Contract Amount:
USD $20,000

ISD is seeking tender offers from bidders to conduct activities as part of the delivery of the Youth Civic Action Academy for Jordanian youth, with the aim to build local and national policy and action that responds to youth concerns and grievances, the project will be informed by a comprehensive evidence base developed at the start. The support this program provides to Jordanian civil society is designed to be institutionalized and sustainable, and will develop significant profile across the region as well as with U.S. cities and the global SCN network.

For more information on the tender, and for details of how to submit an application, see description here.


ISD reserves the right to reject any and all proposals submitted and to request additional information from all proposers. ISD reserves the right to appoint before the closing date.
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