Local Partnership Grants (Central Asia)

August 13, 2021
Preferred Start Date:
September 1, 2021
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
Contract Type:
Contract Amount:
up to $5,000 USD each

The Strong Cities Network is seeking to fund a small number of local civil society or grassroots organisations to carry out projects in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, which aim to build awareness, local coordination capacity and community engagement on P/CVE issues. Projects should proactively engage with local government officials throughout, building capacity for district/local governments to work more effectively with public services, civil society groups and their communities on awareness-raising and community resilience agendas to prevent extremism.

Projects are expected to take place over three months from September 2021 and be worth a maximum total of $5,000 USD. The SCN is particularly interested in funding promising and vibrant grassroots organisations who work directly with communities and have existing experience and strong partnerships with local government officials.

Applicants should aim for their project to engage with one local governments of one of the already existing SCN city members from the region mentioned above. Applications for other cities will also be considered, especially for activities in Shymkent and Almaty (Kazakhstan), Osh and Jalalabad (Kyrgyzstan), Isfara and Punj (Tajikistan) and Tashkent, Kokand and Namangan (Uzbekistan). Applicants can select other locales for programming, however they should outline their reasons for their selection, including why there is a need for P/CVE activities. All applications should clearly state the proposed project locations on their application form.

Successful applicant organisations will be expected to liaise regularly with the SCN team based in London, UK, and with a Tashkent-based SCN Local Prevention Coordinator.

Activities may include but are not limited to workshops, roundtable discussions, table-top planning exercises, community activities and training programmes and curriculum development. The SCN welcomes proposals with additional activities and innovative delivery and impact plans.

The SCN fully recognises the challenges of project delivery amid the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the various local restrictions in place on movement and gatherings. The SCN further recognises that a number of stakeholders will be necessarily prioritising public health and basic service to communities at this time. Applicants should therefore consider how their projects will look to operate under the current circumstances, as well as how a P/CVE agenda takes account of local priorities with sensitivity whilst recognising that such circumstances can potentially increase community vulnerability to divisive, extremist and potentially violent narratives in communities around the world. Applicants must describe how they intend to deliver their project activities under the present restrictions and how they will look to adapt to an unpredictable operating environment in the months ahead. The SCN encourages applications including online delivery components, video-conferencing, and online communication and coordination channels, as well as offline and community-based activities where/when possible at an appropriate scale.

The SCN reserves the right to award multiple or none of the completed applications submitted. Grants will be awarded in conjecture with quality, as evaluated through the criteria listed below, and perceived needs of the county, and is pending the availability of funds. It is not guaranteed that all cities will be represented in the final awarding of grants.

For full details please download this PDF document.

All applications must be submitted electronically in English and include the following documents. Applications not containing all four documents will not be considered.

  • Application in the provided application form;
  • Budget in the provided template;
  • Letter of support from a local/district government official or staff member; and
  • A copy of your organisation’s registration documents.There is no need to submit any other documents, supplementary attachments will not be reviewed by the evaluation team. Hand written applications will not be accepted. Application forms and budgets must be submitted to [email protected] before 1700 GMT, August 13th, 2021.
ISD reserves the right to reject any and all proposals submitted and to request additional information from all proposers. ISD reserves the right to appoint before the closing date.
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