Strong Cities Network: East & Southern Africa Regional Hub

September 30, 2022
Preferred Start Date:
October 17, 2022
East and Southern Africa
Contract Type:
Contract Amount:
up to €339,150.00 for staff time only; management of direct costs up to an additional €579,080.00 for regional activities agreed with the SCN Management Unit.

Project context
The SCN will be launching “Regional Hubs” across key geographies to ensure that current and prospective members’ needs are adequately addressed and serviced. The purpose of this tender is to seek an implementing partner to support SCN engagement with cities and other local governments and relevant partners across East and Southern Africa (ESA) by managing the ESA Hub that fosters strong and effective relationships with municipalities across the region and supports their active involvement into the SCN and its activities. The project includes a significant emphasis on engagement with current and prospective member cities and municipalities in countries across the ESA region to ensure the network is driven by – and ultimately responds to – the needs and gaps that local leaders and local governments themselves identify in their ability to prevent violent extremism, hate and polarisation within their communities. Dedicated to engagement within the ESA region, there will nonetheless be a need for strong internal coordination with HQ colleagues, so that HQ and SCN’s Regional Hubs function as a cohesive Management Unit supporting the role of cities around the world in prevention.

The ESA Regional Hub will be part of the SCN Management Unit’s organisational structure and is expected to work seamlessly with HQ The contract will be issued by ISD Germany and will be subject to German law.

The tender is made available under the recently-awarded STRIVE Cities project which will be delivered by SCN, resourcing SCN Regional Hubs and network engagement in the MENA and ESA regions. The successful applicant will be required to deliver in accordance with the STRIVE Cities requirements and use consistent STRIVE branding in addition to SCN branding.

Evaluation Criteria
The successful bidder will ensure an active and engaged membership in ESA, driving forward a regional programme of work that is driven by and responds to the needs of its members. Working closely with HQ and the wider SCN Management Unit, the implementing partner will ensure that regional needs, priorities and good practices are reflected in global SCN operations and activities and that ESA members benefit from global connections, networking and learnings. Beyond furthering city-to-city engagement and supporting local capacity building and regional coordination, the successful bidder will work closely with HQ to raise the profile and voices of mayors and cities in national and international fora and driving forward new channels for cooperation.

The SCN intends to secure continued financial support for SCN Regional Hubs to deliver ongoing support and good practices to cities around the world. Running for at least 34 months under existing funding, and subject to satisfactory performance, the successful delivery of the Scope of Work outlined in this tender will support SCN’s longer-term strategy for the Hubs in the delivery of the network.

Full SCN East & Southern Africa Request for Proposals (PDF)

SCN ESA Hub Application Form

SCN ESA Budget template

ISD reserves the right to reject any and all proposals submitted and to request additional information from all proposers. ISD reserves the right to appoint before the closing date.
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