Elections 2022: The French Information Ecosystem put to the Test

In response to major concerns around disinformation attacks during the 2022 French elections, the Online Election Integrity Watch Group brought together a group of researchers to monitor information manipulation online meant to sway public opinion. These were our findings.

The Murky Origin Story of #IstandwithRussia

This briefing note is intended to understand the origins of the #IstandwithRussia campaign, the accounts behind it, and the parallels and linkages it has to pro-Kremlin media and narratives on social media platforms.

The Vladimirror Network: Pro-Putin Power-Users on Facebook

This briefing outlines the mechanics, narratives, and linkages of the pro-Putin power users — those that produce content at a high-rate day in and day out since the start of the invasion — on Facebook to pro-Kremlin groups and pages, painting a picture of a coordinated, seemingly inauthentic campaign intended to buttress the image of Putin in a range of languages and geographies.