Lone Actor Terrorism: Database Workshop Paper

Authors: Sebastien Feve And Kelsey Bjornsgaard

This paper is the third publication in the Countering Lone-Actor Terrorism (CLAT) project. This paper examines the second workshop of the CLAT Consortium, hosted by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue in March 2015, which discussed the development of the project database (based on the definition of lone-actor terrorism agreed at the first workshop) and some of the underlying principles that would inform data collection and retention.

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Reciprocal Dynamics Between Australia’s Political Fringes on Twitter

For this research, ISD’s digital analysis unit have been monitoring a network of 208 channels distributing white supremacist content on the encrypted messaging platform Telegram. In an analysis of over a million posts, this briefing unpacks how the platform is being used to glorify terrorism, call for violence, spread extremist ideological material and demonise minority groups.