Hate Speech and Radicalisation Online: The OCCI Research Report

Authors: Johannes Baldauf, Julia Ebner and Jakob Guhl

Foreword: Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann

Contributions: Simone Rafael, Alexander Ritzmann, Daniel Köhler, Prof. Dr. Christian Montag, Karolin Schwarz, Josef Holnburger, Dr. Matthias Quent, Sina Laubenstein, Alexander Urban

Published: 10 June 2019

The research series Hate Speech and Radicalisation on the Internet provides interdisciplinary insights into the current developments of extremist activities on the internet. With the aid of expert contributions from all over Germany, the psychological, political, anthropological and technological aspects of online hate speech and radicalisation will be considered and recommendations will be made for political leaders, social media platforms as well as NGOs and activists.


In the Blind Spot – How right-wing extremists use alternative platforms for radicalisation

This report provides a summary of the first annual expert conference "Im toten Winkel - Wie Rechtsextreme alternative Online-Plattformen zur Radikalisierung nutzen" (In the blind spot - How right-wing extremists use alternative online platforms for radicalisation), which took place as part of the project "Radikalisierung in rechtsextremen Onlinesubkulturen entgegentreten" (Countering radicalisation in right-wing extremist online subcultures), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Justice (BMJ).