Hassliebe: Muslimfeindlichkeit, Islamismus Und Die Spirale Gesellschaftlicher Polarisierung (Deutsch)


Loving Hate: anti-Muslim extremism, Islamism and the Spiral of Polarization looks at reciprocal radicalisation between Islamists and far-right extremists and was published by ISD in cooperation with the Institute for Democracy and Civil Society in Jena.

The study contains the first systematic analysis of the online-interplay between Islamists and far-right extremists. It provides direct evidence that Islamist and far-right movements converge on different levels and amplify each other.

Our analysis focuses on measuring the interplay between extremist contents, individuals and events online. We used a combination of social listening tools, language analysis programmes and network-analysis instruments and found a strong interplay between contents, a shared vocabulary and common narratives. While direct interactions between the far-right and Islamists remained limited, we observed a high level of indirect interactions, as the far-right strongly reacted to Islamist events and vice versa.


The Cloud Caliphate: Archiving the Islamic State in Real Time

This joint report by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) and the Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) at West Point offers a preliminary survey and analysis of one of the largest known online repositories of Islamic State materials, nicknamed the “Cloud Caliphate,” to increase understanding of how violent extremist groups and their supporters manage, preserve, and protect information relevant to their cause.

Developing and Implementing Local Action Plans for P/CVE in East Africa: SCN Toolkit with lessons from Kenya.

This toolkit has been designed by the Strong Cities Network (SCN), based on Kenya’s experience in developing County Action Plans (CAPs) on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, as a resource for governments and civil society organisations in East Africa who are interested in developing a Local Action Plan (LAP). LAPs seek to build a multisectoral approach to strengthening community resilience and addressing the root causes of violent extremism, polarisation and hate.