Hassliebe: Muslimfeindlichkeit, Islamismus Und Die Spirale Gesellschaftlicher Polarisierung (Deutsch)


Loving Hate: anti-Muslim extremism, Islamism and the Spiral of Polarization looks at reciprocal radicalisation between Islamists and far-right extremists and was published by ISD in cooperation with the Institute for Democracy and Civil Society in Jena.

The study contains the first systematic analysis of the online-interplay between Islamists and far-right extremists. It provides direct evidence that Islamist and far-right movements converge on different levels and amplify each other.

Our analysis focuses on measuring the interplay between extremist contents, individuals and events online. We used a combination of social listening tools, language analysis programmes and network-analysis instruments and found a strong interplay between contents, a shared vocabulary and common narratives. While direct interactions between the far-right and Islamists remained limited, we observed a high level of indirect interactions, as the far-right strongly reacted to Islamist events and vice versa.


COVID-19 Disinformation Briefing No.3

This is the second in a series of briefings from ISD’s Digital Research Unit on the information ecosystem around COVID-19. This first briefing compiles research from ISD’s own analysis of online platforms, as well as summarising recent investigations and research on the state of play of disinformation around COVID-19.

Algorithm Inspection and Regulatory Access

Algorithms play a central role in social media platforms – and may contribute to systemic, structural challenges to democracy and human rights. As identified in the White Paper, through their decisions around the design of algorithms, the platforms have a significant impact on citizens’ rights to information and free expression, our rights not to be discriminated against or abused, and core democratic values.

Covid-19 Disinformation Briefing No.2

This is the second in a series of briefings from ISD’s Digital Research Unit on the information ecosystem around coronavirus (COVID-19). This briefing focuses on the way far-right groups and individuals are mobilising around COVID-19 in the US. The first briefing in the series can be found on ISD’s website.