February 24, 2023 | VICE News

Tim Squirrell: Andrew Tate’s appeal to boys and young men is “not going away”

ISD’s Head of Communications & Editorial, Tim Squirrell, features in VICE News speaking on the phenomenon around Andrew Tate and his popularity among boys and young men.

“It’s important first to emphasise how young Tate’s audience is. They’re broadly not men, they’re boys. And what we’re seeing right now is teachers and parents expressing concern en masse,” he said, pointing to multiple accounts of young boys telling girls and teachers “that they belong in the kitchen or shouldn’t be working.”

“What I can say is that when I speak to people in education – for example, to discuss counter-extremism practice – I have never had as many people come to a presentation or be as engaged as when I talk about Andrew Tate. This is a problem across the country, and it’s not going away.”