September 11, 2021 | Al Jazeera

Prioritizing Human Rights in the Aftermath of the So-Called War on Terror

ISD’s Moustafa Ayad spoke with Al Jazeera about the legacy of the so-called War on Terror and the need for prioritizing human rights in this battle against terrorism. The “mistakes and missteps have only given ammunition to the extremist toolbox that exists and that has always existed…,” he said.

Moustafa Ayad  is the Executive Director for Africa, the Middle East and Asia at ISD. You can find a range of his work in our publications section.

 May 13, 2022 | Channel 4 News

Growing British far-right group pushes new grooming tactics

ISD’s Julia Ebner provided analysis to a Channel 4 investigation on the tactics and narratives used by the British white nationalist movement Patriotic Alternative (PA) to groom young people in the country.