November 1, 2022 | AP News

The problematic approach of Elon Musk crowning himself the ‘King of Twitter’

ISD Senior Research Manager Jared Holt features in the Associated Press speaking about Elon Musk’s official takeover of Twitter. He said big social media companies have typically operated on the whims of their owners, but “that problem is especially glaring when somebody like Elon Musk takes the reins and kind of establishes himself as king of the platform, rather than an owner trying to run a coherent business.”

As Musk settles into his self-identified role of “Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator,” he has promised to “free” those with so-called dissenting opinions from “Twitter jail.”

“It is almost impossible for those outside of Twitter to know what strings he is pulling or whose accounts have been suspended: The company has stopped responding to media questions, except for the few that Musk answers by tweet,” reported AP Business Writers, Matt O’Brien and Haleluya Hadero.