February 2, 2024 | USA Today

Suspect accused of beheading father may have been influenced by conspiracy theories

A man in Pennsylvania is being accused of killing his father after a video emerged last week on YouTube with the suspect, Justin Mohn, holding up what appears to be a severed head. In the video, the man identified as Mohn goes on a rant about about far-right conspiracy theories and other disjointed messages.

ISD’s Head of Threat Analysis and Prevention, Katherine Keneally, spoke to USA Today about the case, what is known about the suspect and— regardless of mental health concerns— the anti-government beliefs that may have motivated him.

It remains unknown if Mohn engaged with major far-right influencers, however ”the talking points that he [Mohn] used are the same ones that we’ve heard from these influencers,” said Katherine.

Further conspiratorial narratives were found in lawsuits presented by Mohn in the past years, while books he’s authored revealed “support for former President Donald Trump and an obsession with far-right narratives”, USA Today reports.

Mohn was arraigned early this week on charges of first-degree murder.