February 15, 2022 | The Canberra Times

Protestors temporarily unite under “anti” movement in Canberra, but what will the long-lasting effects be?

Elise Thomas features in this episode of the Talk of the Times for the Canberra Times looking at the unifying nature of the “anti-” protests taking place around the city. Elise explains how there is no common denominator to the crowds other than they greatly oppose many things: anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine, vaccine mandates, etc.

“But as soon as they start to talk about what they’re actually for, the positive argument for what they want, a lot of them start to realise that actually they want something quite different than the person standing next to them,” she said.

Protestors from a wide range of demographics from around the country banded together over the weekend in what is being called the Convoy to Canberra, a protest that has largely sparked in the aftermath of the truckers’ convoy on the US-Canada border over the last few weeks.

When asked about the longevity of anti-lockdown groups, Elise comments how pandemic-related narratives will likely subside over time, but in the long run we may be seeing more and more conspiracy theory motivated groups engaging in politics.

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Elise Thomas is an OSINT Analyst at ISD, with a background in researching state-linked information operations, disinformation, conspiracy theories and the online dynamics of political movements.