June 8, 2023 | WaPo

Jared Holt: Trump’s tactics have “lowered the guard” among Americans against violent messaging

Although there have been many courtroom wins in convictions against participants of the Jan 6 Capitol riot, it seems that extremist ideology is more widely accepted and continues to be united against an ‘other.’  ISD Senior Research Manager Jared Holt tells the Washington Post that Donald Trump has sold himself to current supporters as a vehicle for dissent against US political systems and explains how in the process extremists have been able to merge with mainstream audiences, united against Democrats.

Trump’s tactics continue to unite a fight against the ‘common enemy — Democrats — to get ordinary Americans to lower their guard against violent messaging that could presage future action,’ Jared said.

According to WaPo reporting, Trump is currently leading against top presidential bid rival Ron DeSantis, but election denialism could prove to be a vulnerability for the former president with 56 percent of Americans saying he should face criminal charges.