October 11, 2022 | The Daily Beast

Jared Holt on the trends to watch out for among election denialists in the lead up to the US midterms

US Senior Research Manager Jared Holt joined hosts Will Sommer and Kelly Weill on The Daily Beast’s Fever Dreams podcast to discuss ISD’s report outlining eight trends to watch for among election denialists as US midterms approach.

“We’re seeing a lot of things, whether it is violent and heated rhetoric towards election officials, calls for vigilante action… small-scale organizing, crowdsourcing information, any sort of irregularity in counting processes being sourced as fraud,” he said.

When speaking about poll workers, Jared stated that he doesn’t think they’ll have “very good days in every place” on election day.

“Poll workers have continued to be targets for threats, harassment. They’ve been incorporated into the center of conspiracy theories that have circulated online, which then produce more threats and more harassment. These are people who are volunteering and are not exceptionally well paid. Their payback for this is not a bunch of thank-yous and handshakes and whatnot. It is just being incorporated into this gobbledygook of conspiracy theories that have been snowballing since the beginning of 2020.”

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