November 9, 2022 | Bloomberg

ISD’s Jiore Craig: reconsider what you share online, “slow down”

ISD’s Head of Elections and Digital Integrity, Jiore Craig, joined Bloomberg’s Emily Chang to discuss the ‘long game’ for election deniers, combatting mis- and disinformation, and the future of Twitter.

When asked about how to combat mis- and disinformation, Jiore suggests slowing down.

“We all passively scroll through our feeds and it can be easy to share something quickly without checking the source,” or re-sharing something they want to refute. “They shouldn’t,” she said, explaining how some narratives would stay on the fringe of conversations if individuals, including journalists, didn’t bother sharing or amplifying them. She also explains the importance of having open conversations about social media and the untrusted sources that plague our feeds.

On Twitter, Jiore expresses the uncertainty around Elon Musk’s latest decision to cut personnel. “Cutting resources like he did so close to the election, you know, most people are going to be thinking about content moderation, because he keeps forcing this forced conversation about free speech, but that’s not even on the top or bottom of the list of what we’re worried about,” she said. “We worry about when trust and safety teams are cut. We don’t have— platforms don’t have— the staff on hand to respond to the threats that we’re seeing, to respond to law enforcement subpoenas, to try to get the information of where someone is posting from if they’re posing an active threat.”

Jiore’s full interview is available on the Bloomberg website.