May 7, 2024 | Guardian

ISD collaborates on conspiracy theories guide for UK MPs and election candidates

ISD, along with other expert groups, contributed to the recently distributed guide commissioned by Penny Mordaunt, the leader of the House of Commons, for MPs and election candidates addressing the proliferation of conspiracy theories in the UK.

“These (conspiracy) campaigns are also a threat to the health of our democracy. It is essential that we give the public and their representatives the tools they need to combat this phenomenon,” said Mordaunt, with her Labour counterpart Lucy Powell stating the guide was a “must-read for MPs and candidates,” reported The Standard.

The guide highlights eight common conspiracies circulating in the UK, including QAnon, anti-vaccine narratives, pro-Russia narratives regarding the war in Ukraine, the Great Replacement, 5G, and misinformation about 15-minute cities.

Among these, ISD identified the ‘climate lockdown’ conspiracy, a theory that claims that the climate crisis will be used as a pretext for curtailing citizens’ liberties. Additionally, GB News was identified as a right-wing outlet that has been used to “normalise” this climate disinformation narrative.

Other contributing organisations included the Antisemitism Policy Trust, Full Fact, Tell Mama, the Community Security Trust, the Global Network on Extremism and Technology and the political analyst Arieh Kovler.

Coverage of the guide is also featured in The Guardian, the BBC, Jewish News and Metro.

The guide is available on our website.