June 18, 2021 | POLITICO

Far-right tactics to undermine the German federal election

ISD’s work monitoring a range of social media platforms in the lead up to the German Federal Election this September – a detailed overview of which can be read in the Digital Dispatch: Transatlantic Lies: Election Disinformation Travels from the US to Germany – is featured in an article by Mark Scott for POLITICO.

Julia Smirnova, an Analyst at ISD Germany, and Chloe Colliver, the Head of Digital Policy and Strategy at ISD, are quoted in the article respectively:

“The far-right is trying to undermine trust in the elections…Russian state media has given more positive coverage to the AfD and given more space to their politicians than for other political parties.”

“Outside the English-speaking world, we see enforcement gaps from the platforms and extensive election-related misinformation starting to spread in the German-speaking content…My biggest concern isn’t that policies won’t be in place for the German elections, but that those policies won’t be comprehensively enforced.”

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