March 15, 2023 | TG4

Extremist language choices and false information fuelling dynamic against immigrants in Ireland

In this documentary for National Irish-Language Public Broadcaster TG4, ISD Senior Analyst Ciarán O’Connor provides commentary and research insights into the rise of the anti-immigration movement in Ireland, and how extremist language choices, as well the impact of false information, are driving this dynamic.

“[Military-aged men] is a term that’s used to conjure up an image of an invading force, a threat to you, the native local, and that they are coming here to take over or replace you. Unvetted implies that anybody is getting into the country, there are no checks, there are no ways to stand over who is entering the country. And essentially it kind of fosters the idea that there are no controls, that there are dangers or criminals or people who may have fled their country for one nefarious reason are coming here and who are now a threat to your locale,” he said.

Ciarán also comments on the damage false information or misrepresentative images are having on the information environment, where content and sentiments are shared at rapid rates.

His segment begins at 27:20.