December 13, 2023 | NBC News

Civil rights lawsuit filed against neo-Nazi group for drag story hour protest

A neo-Nazi group is being accused of intimidation acts for allegedly disrupting a drag queen story hour during Pride month last year in New Hampshire. The state’s attorney general’s office has since filed a civil rights lawsuit against the New England group. In an article about the ongoing lawsuit, NBC News draws on ISD research around rising anti-LGBTQ+ mobilization in the US. Our report, A Year of Hate, analyses the narratives, themes, actors and tactics involved in anti-LGBTQ+ activism in the US, UK, France and Australia, including specific threats to drag performances. In the US, ISD identified 203 anti-drag incidents over a 12-month period, representing the largest number of protests against drag events from our overall investigation, as well as the highest number of violent incidents among the countries and events analysed.

The executive summary, along with the US and the UK profiles, are available on our website.