November 5, 2023 | CBS News

Antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate speech surges online following Hamas’ terrorist attack

ISD’s Hate and Extremist Analyst Hannah Rose spoke to CBS’s Face the Nation news program about the rise of online antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate speech following Hamas’ terrorist attack.

In two separate investigations, published last week, ISD identified a 51-fold increase (4963%) in antisemitic comments on YouTube and a 422% increase in language associated with anti-Muslim hate on X when compared to the days prior to the attack. Similar spikes of both antisemitic and anti-Muslim language were observed on alternative social media platforms. Although published the same week, the findings of these investigations are not meant to be compared as they focus on distinct platforms and use distinct methodologies.

“What we know about online antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred is that it never stays online,” Hannah said to CBS’s Mark Strassman.

Hannah’s interview with CBS News Face the Nation is available on our YouTube channel.