17 Jun 2020online

LOUD Webinar: Creating alternative narratives at the local level

This Webinar took place 10th June 2020. You can watch the recording via this link.

About this Webinar

Within the framework of the LOUD project, four webinars aimed at municipal and local actors who are developing or planning an alternative narrative communication campaign are organised.

This is webinar 3 with Kelsey Bjornsgaard, Senior Advisor at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue:
How to create an effective campaign, reach the target audience and spread the message.

Kelsey is responsible for running the Youth Civil Activism Network (YouthCAN) and organising ISD’s Youth Innovation Labs. Kelsey is developing new strategies for enhancing peer-to-peer messaging and works closely with young activists internationally to develop innovative youth-led initiatives to prevent and counter violent extremism. Kelsey also works closely with the Strong Cities Network to amplify youth voices amongst government and policy-makers at a city level.

The LOUD project:
Developing intercultural awareness and combating prejudice are important to promote social inclusion and strengthen social cohesion.

LOUD aims to foster inclusive environments for young people in order to prevent them from drifting into intolerance and extremist behaviours. It will strengthen local authorities’ and young people’s capacities to produce alternative narratives.

The main objectives are to:
– Counter all forms of intolerance and extremist speech among young people
– Provide effective alternative narratives at the local level
– Empower young people on tackling discrimination and extremist content
– Promote European exchanges on alternative narratives among young people

More info about LOUD: https://efus.eu/en/loud-local-young-leaders-for-inclusion/