5 Sep 2023Webinar

Jennie King joins DCN Global for a disinformation & climate change webinar

ISD’s Head of Climate Research and Policy, Jennie King, joins the Digital Communication Network (DCN) Global for a webinar discussing disinformation and climate change in the context of their “Information Integrity in the Digital Age” forum. The forum is DCN Global’s inaugural event in East Asia and the Pacific and is set to begin in the backdrop of the September 2023 ASEAN Summit on Sustainable Development.

Jennie joins other panellists to lead an important dialogue shedding “a light on the powerful influence of disinformation on the discourse surrounding climate change”. Topics that will be discussed include:

  • “Educate and raise awareness among the ASEAN countries about the adverse effects of disinformation on climate change.
  • Offer a platform for experts to exchange their experiences, knowledge, and best practices for countering climate change disinformation.
  • Explore the potential of new digital communication technologies and AI in addressing disinformation concerning climate change.
  • Investigate the impact of disinformation on public health and the crucial role of education and culture in mitigating false claims and distortions.” 


  • Jennie King, Head of Climate Research and Policy, ISD
  • Joo-Cheong Tham, Professor at Melbourne Law School, Australia 
  • Purple Chrystyl Romero, Teaching Assistant at HKU Journalism and Media Studies Centre, Fact-Checking Journalist, Philippines
  • Tran Le Thuy, Founder/Director, Centre for Media and Development Initiatives (MDI), Vietnam
  • Nikos Panagiotou, President of DCN Global (moderator)

5 September 2023 

7:00 BST / 8:00 CET / 16:00 Sydney time

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