23 Feb 2023Webinar

Webinar: How Russian-state media outlets circumvented sanctions

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the EU quickly blocked access to Russian-state media outlets RT and Sputnik in order to curb the spread information manipulation. However, information was still getting into EU space.

Senior OSINT specialist Kevin D. Reyes and Senior Digital Methods Manager Jordan Wildon are featured speakers for a webinar hosted by Maltego on 23 February, discussing how ISD analysis evaluated the effectiveness of these sanctions and identified circumvention methods being used to reach EU audiences. By using Maltego, a comprehensive tool for graphical link analyses, our analysts were able to ‘map out the digital infrastructure of Russia Today and Rossiya Segodnya and uncover technical links between the organisations’ outlets and domains set up to evade sanctions ahead of measuring the reach of these domains.”

ISD is part of Maltego’s academic and non-profit program.

Due to the sensitivity of information shown in the webinar, attendees will be vetted. It is recommended to sing up with a professional, corporate or university email address.

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