25 Jun 2020Online

Coronavirus, fear and how Islamophobia spreads on social media

Zahed Amanullah participated in an online webinar hosted by the Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group on “Coronavirus, fear and how Islamophobia spreads on social media.” He spoke alongside Zaynab Albadry (Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination), Sara Khan (Commission for Countering Extremism), Iman Atta (Director of Tell Mama), Mark Gardner (Director of Communications, CST), Areeq Chowdhury (Director of WebRoots Democracy), Yousif Al Khoei (Director of public affairs at Al-Khoei Foundation and a founding member of MINAB), Katy Minshall (Head of UK Public Policy for Twitter), and Nik Adams (National Coordinator for Prevent). The discussion was centered around a recent report on the topic by professor Imran Awan and Roxana Khan-Williams on behalf of the Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group.

Watch the event here.