15 Dec 2021Online

Climate and culture wars during COP26

webinar screenshot

ISD’s Jennie King discussed the mixing of climate and culture wars during a webinar entitled ‘Is Disinformation Polluting Climate Action?’, organised by the research and consulting company Kantar Public. The event covered topics, including sources of climate change disinformation, the persistent challenge of climate change deniers and implications for policymakers. Jennie presented findings from her experience leading ISD’s tracking of online climate change misinformation during COP26.

Jennie has followed climate change’s evolution into a divisive topic regarding the values and beliefs of different groups. Her work on the climate culture wars and the emergence of the term ‘climate lockdown’ can be read in our Digital Dispatch Climate is the New Front in the Culture Wars and in our report ‘Climate Lockdown’ and the Culture Wars: How COVID-19 Sparked a New Narrative Against Climate Action.

Jennie King is Head of Civic Action and Education at ISD, supporting programme design, policy outreach and strategy across the organisation.