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Application process for the Innovation Fund

Criteria & Eligibility:

Projects granted under this fund will be:

  1. Innovative, including new approaches, ways of working, networks and partnerships, or applications of new skills or technologies to achieve the fund objectives;
  2. Delivered online or involving a combination of online and offline actions and activities;
  3. Designed for maximum impact and orientated towards practical and measurable outcomes;
  4. Designed for delivery in the UK only.

Projects funded under this fund must demonstrate how they will meet one or more of the following funding objectives:

  1. Empower and amplify new or existing voices and actions aiming to undermine hate and extremism;
  2. Build resilience to hate and extremism through innovative educational resources and/or approaches;
  3. Enable innovation and fresh thinking in approaches to tackling hate and extremism, including but not limited to technological innovation.

Organisations eligible for the fund are:

  • UK registered charitable organisations (registered with the Charity Commission, including registered number and/or exempt status)
  • UK academic institutions
  • UK Community Interest Company (including registered number)
  • UK registered private companies and UK social enterprises, only in partnership with any of the above (UK charity, academic institution, Community Interest Company).

If you are not sure if your organisation fits into the above eligibility, please email [email protected] with more information on your status, and we will be able to confirm whether your organisation is eligible. Any major clarifications will be posted on this website in the FAQ section as they are answered, as well as by direct response.


Who can apply for a grant?

See the section on Eligibility and if you have further questions please email [email protected].

Do you fund general support or only projects?

Grants will only be made to specific projects that meet the criteria of the fund.

What projects / costs won’t you fund?

  • Research
  • Capital assets (assets that tend to hold/derive benefit from for more than 1 year)
  • Projects that fall outside of the stipulated timeline

What is the project timeline for Round 2?

Projects must finish by 31st December 2018 so if awarded in June the project must run for a maximum of 6 months.

What support does ISD offer?

For awarded projects, ISD offers support with Monitoring & Evaluation needs, provides content expertise on Far-right and Islamist extremism, hosts Innovation Labs to help with effective social media marketing and counter-narrative campaigning and hosts networking events.

Can we apply for multiple grants at once?

Yes – you can submit more than one application for a grant, however be aware that unless you are able to demonstrate how the proposed projects address significantly different goals, it is unlikely that both projects will be selected for funding.

Can we partner with more than one organisation?

Yes – but with a maximum of 4 partners.

How will successful grants be selected?

Grants will be marked based on a 100 point scheme.

How Clear, Relevant and Credible the Proposal is (20 marks)

Proposals need to:

  • Have clear, concrete objectives, communicated simply.
  • Achieve the objectives of the grant scheme.
  • Be realistic and achievable, considering the budget and timeframe.

The Scale and Value of the Impact (20 marks)

To receive grant funding, proposals do not necessarily need to achieve massive scale. In fact, over-promising could hurt your application. Some projects might seek to reach a wide audience. Others might seek to achieve a greater depth of impact with a smaller number of people. The scale and quality of impacts will influence project marking. Projects should seek to achieve the widest and/or most meaningful impact possible within the realistic boundaries of the project. They should also seek to measure that impact in a relevant and credible manner.

How Innovative the Project is (25 marks)

This grant is designed to help organisations with innovative, original ideas to counter hate and extremism in the UK to make those ideas a reality. Proposals based on original and valuable partnerships, concepts, approaches or technologies will be favoured within this grant scheme.

Value for Money (15 marks)

In order for this grant to make a valuable contribution to countering hate and extremism in the UK, this grant needs to achieve the best possible value for money. Realistic, responsible budgets are an important part of our assessment of grants. Where existing investment can be unlocked or additional funding or in-kind support can be acquired to support project activities, this should be highlighted.

Ethics/Risks/Data Protection (10 marks)

Applicants should demonstrate that they take ethics seriously, consider the risks of projects professionally and proportionately, and have the proper data protection processes in place.

Added Value (10 marks)

This grant seeks to unlock talents, capacities, resources and partnerships to tackle the problem of hate and extremism in the UK. In assessing applications, we will consider the ‘added value’ offer of the organisation/organisations involved in the project, whether that consists of specialist skills, equipment, networks and capacities or valuable collaborations.

Who is on the advisory board?

The advisory board is made up of 8 individuals from creative industries, government, technology, youth and education. Following the marking process, they will review shortlisted proposals and in consultation with Google and ISD, make the final grant decisions.

Can organisations from outside the UK apply for a grant?

Organisations from outside the UK are not eligible to apply.

Can private companies apply for a grant?

Private companies can only apply if they partner with a UK charity, UK Community Interest Company or UK academic institution.

Can a grant be used for political activity or lobbying?


Fund clarifications

Any major clarifications shared while the application process is open will be posted here as they are confirmed.

If you would like to be notified of future clarifications or fund updates, please send an email to [email protected] to be added to the mailing list.