Welcome to Digital Dispatches

Digital Dispatches is ISD’s new blog on which you can find the latest of our digital research on hate, disinformation and extremism.

Whether it is reporting on how new social media platforms like TikTok battle (or not) the spread of disinformation, or analysing how fake news goes viral in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests, Digital Dispatches will share our unique data and insights on online manipulation – often centring on the latest global developments. Digital Dispatches is the place to come for cutting-edge analysis that might otherwise fall between our in-depth research publications, our weekly Lens on Hate trend briefings, or our commentary in the press.

We have a great team behind Digital Dispatches, which includes journalist and author David Patrikarakos (War in 140 Characters) as well as regular contributions from our wider Digital Analysis Unit. We will aim to run at least two stories a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with more to come as our capacity grows. All new Digital Dispatches blogs will be shared on our social media channels (TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn). Follow us there to stay abreast of our latest insights and analysis.

Best wishes,

Sasha Havlicek
Founding CEO, ISD