‘The Future of Extremism’ Series

10th September 2021

Twenty years after 9/11 and a decade on from the Breivik attack in Norway, the landscape of global extremism has fundamentally transformed. But what has changed, what have we learned, and how do we respond?


Societies face a threat which is increasingly ideologically multifaceted, hyper-charged by digital platforms, and inseparably entwined with a range of other societal harms such as conspiracies, disinformation and weaponised hate. However, international responses have done little to keep pace with the metastasizing challenge, with a reset in thinking and approaches urgently required from governments, civil society and private sector alike.

To explore this challenge and responses, between September and December 2021 ISD will convene The Future of Extremism series: an ambitious programme of data-driven publications, thought-leading analysis and public events focused on the next generation of extremism challenges and responses.

The Future of Extremism series will bring together high-level international decision makers, thought leaders across media, culture and business, as well as academic experts and practitioners working on the frontline of contemporary extremism challenges.

We will be showcasing cutting-edge data insights on varied aspects of the evolving threat landscape, and facilitate innovative thinking around solutions to address the future of extremism. Through the course of the series, we hope to set priorities and principles for the next five to ten years of counter-extremism policy and practice.

 Key focus areas for the Future of Extremism series

Analysis of Gen-Z and extremism in the shadow of 9/11, and the next generation of extremist mobilisation across the ideological spectrum

Insights on conspiracies, extremism and anti-government mobilisation in the wake of COVID-19

Deep-dive analysis of post-organisational extremism and the future of prevention

Publications and events considering the liberal democratic human rights paradigm needed to counter extremism

A series of publications and outputs on how societies can and must tame big tech in order to secure rights, protect societies and safeguard citizens on and offline

The Future of Extremism series will be covered on the ISD homepage, so stay tuned over the coming weeks for further details on upcoming events, publications and partnerships. To find out more about this work, or be added to the mailing list, email [email protected].